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Unable To Contact Server Error
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Author:  TheGamingBloke [ Tue Jan 31, 2017 7:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Unable To Contact Server Error

Same backstory as the Faulty Dep 37's, got a FCT and downloaded stuff like nobody else's business

but just last week, i accidentally added a letter to the password line on Account Details/Settings.
I forgot the password though, so I changed my email(it was also forgotten) and then my password.
Then, I put the password again, it said that account details were correct, I was chuffed!(Actual Slang in Irish for Happy)
But when I went to the DLS, and tried to download something, It would come up with the lines of..

Now my FCT will expire Feb 15(You dont need to care about this, just asking for a quick reply) but is there anything i can do?
I've restarted trainz, restarted my pc(useless ik xP) But to no avail
so, fix possible
Or Auran f***** up?

Author:  ScottAS2 [ Wed Feb 01, 2017 8:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Unable To Contact Server Error

TheGamingBloke wrote:
is there anything i can do?

A couple of things:
  1. Wait a reasonable amount of time (say, overnight). While I'm largely speculating, it's possible that the DLS and whatever system N3V use to administer their accounts and passwords are only synchronised periodically (say, every half-hour). If you give it some time, the problem may just go away.
  2. Try fully and manually signing out, both on your browser (to absolutely check you have the right password and you're not being remembered through cookies or whatever) and in Trainz (not sure if there's a button to do this - if not, try putting a deliberately incorrect username and password in). This might also trigger the DLS to go and check directly with the password system rather than relying on cached permissions/tokens/whatever.
  3. It may be that the error you're getting is entirely coincidental with your password change. I don't recall Trainz ever being recitient about telling me I'd got my password wrong. Perhaps, even with an FCT's priority, N3V's servers are just too busy (I've had occasional problems recently, although I don't have an FCT). Try again later - ideally at a different time of day that might be quieter (usually this means "when the Americans are asleep").

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