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 Roarer Sounds 
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 Post subject: Roarer Sounds
PostPosted: Mon Jan 14, 2019 7:05 pm 
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Hi all

I'm working on AC electric "roarers" for a future project and would like some help on sounds. For those that worked close to the WCML, how "loud" would a roarer be compared to other locomotives? I am asking because I have created sounds but don't know the appropriate volume levels. I think that after modifications in the 70s, Class 81 and 85 had a change of fan which made them much louder and "whinier" than the others. The 84 seems to have always been a deep roar. The 83's blower fans were apparently altered so that the extra fans only ran when under load, as they were louder (?). The 82 is rather similar to the 81 and 85 due to shared AEI equipment.

Does anyone have video/audio of the 82, 83, or 84 in service? Those would be helpful as well.

Class 81 -

Class 82 -

Class 83 -

Class 84 - ... -1/s-VaTXl

Class 85 -


 Post subject: Re: Roarer Sounds
PostPosted: Tue Jan 15, 2019 1:33 pm 
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Hi Ron,

I wasn't trained on AC electric traction until the later part of the 1980's so, of all these, I can only speak of the 81's, 82's and 85's really. (Although I was officially "trained" on them, I think the 83's and 84's spent the latter part of their working lives just ferrying empty stock between Willesden and Euston. They were restricted to 40 mph and so never ventured as far as the Midlands at that time, AFAIK anyway.)

The sounds that you have assembled there are pretty accurate from what I remember of these particular locos; a very good representation. However, from what I also remember, most people who worked on them only really remember how hard it was to avoid sitting on the floor at any given minute. Driving a Class 85 out of Birmingham New Street or Euston was a bigger challenge than any roller coaster, I promise you. Even at 10 or 15 mph. I never had a derailment with one but I bet you'd have been hard pushed to notice even if you had :shock: . Strangely, the ride somehow improved up to about 60, then it became a real white knuckle ride. Thankfully we didn't see too much of them in Birmingham at that time as they were in their twilight years. Mostly parcels stuff to Rugby and Northampton. The 86's and 87's were like Rolls Royce Silver Shadows compared to them and, thank heaven, were much more abundant by the late 80's.

Good luck with your project, Ron.



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