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 My advices, tips and tricks for UK routebuilding. 
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 Post subject: My advices, tips and tricks for UK routebuilding.
PostPosted: Thu May 19, 2016 10:06 am 
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We all love Trainz. It may be an art building routes, but it is recreation for me. When it comes to building realistic routes, many build ugly and bad unrealistic routes.
Section 1: Plans.
Draw the route plans on paper or in Paint including stations, crossings, track, signals, electrification. I always do that.
I recommend using paper with a black pen or marker, if it is on paper, you won't lose your plan if your internet switches off.
But if you don't like drawing by hand, you can do it in Paint or any painting program.
Section 2: Building.
Think of a original name if it is a fictional route.
If you are making a real route, i recommend using basemaps off Google Earth.
Though you may go further even if you are building fictional routes, and put your plans drawn in Paint, as a basemap. Make sure it fits neat and nicely so you can replicate it good.
Look at US/Canadian routes for inspiration. It may inspire you to build a similar route like US one but in UK style.
Build terminus stations less, they are hard to build than regular stations.
Start off with a terminus station, then continue to use your plan until the end of it.
Section 3: Signalling.
We all know AI drivers may be idiots sometimes. Mostly you want to drive your routes manually.
Build colour signals at bigger stations like terminus stations.
Outside the city, you may want to use semaphores like in real life.
If it is a old route, you can completely use semaphores.
Put signal boxes next to semaphore signals. Signal boxes do nothing but they give the realism of a signaller operating the signals there.
Maximum recommend length of semaphores between next signal box for realism is 30 signals.
Section 4: Crossings and other stuff.
Thats right, level crossings. If it is a high speed rail line, build crossings rarely. They are dangerous.
There are limits however. AHB's max speed is 100 mph, and must have not more than 2 tracks.
MCB/CCTV crossings's doesn't has a speed limit, but tracks limited up to 6.
AOCL/AOCR crossings must have 2 tracks like AHB's and AOCL's max speed is 55 mph and AOCR's 75 if i remember exact for AOCR's.
Source is from level crossing guide for managers.
Also, build markers for AI's to go. Signal your line with AWS, no TPWS currently added.
RETB is also not added, wish somebody made TPWS and RETB as a session rule like AWS.

Thats basically all, enjoy following my advices to build better, make sure to friend me if you need help.
You can also use this for real life model railways.

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