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 Forum Rules, rev. 18.6, 14 March 13 
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 Post subject: Forum Rules, rev. 18.6, 14 March 13
PostPosted: Sun Dec 12, 2010 6:45 pm 
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These are the rules of the forums:

General Rules


    Posting of inappropriate images such as pornography is prohibited
    No swearing, no racism, no sexism or comments regarding ones sexuality. This also means signatures must be clean.
    No attacking members, if you have a problem with a member please contact an Admin.
    Do not used the forum to advertise other sites.
    Do not use the forum to post spam.
    No flooding the forum with multiple posts of the same question.
    Posting of inappropriate images such as pornography is prohibited.
    Do not create more than one account, unless given permission by an Admin first.
    Don't post other members personal details on the forums.
    DO NOT upload any work that is NOT yours, or have not been given permission for. Any uploads unlawfully placed will be removed, and the user given 3 warnings automatically.
    No money exchanges or asking for anything in return for money - In many cases (i.e. Nigerian scams), this is illegal, and the forum member will be banned automatically, or given 2 warnings, subject to severity.
    Do try to not use more than 5 smileys in a post.
    Try not to dig up a considerably old topic. Whilst this is still a small enough forum, digs of more than 6 months are generally frowned upon, unless relevant to the topic.

    Do not send private messages to members asking for them to send you a payware item, as this is illegal and breaks copywrite laws.
    Do not constantly ask/pester content creators about when their content will be released either by PM or posting in topics.
    Do not insult users custom content.
    Don't be rude or disrespectful to other forum members.

Breaking any of the above may result in either a ban or a warning. If you find any posts that you feel are inappropriate in any way or are breaking the forum rules, use the report button to notify the forum staff of any issues.

Three Strike policy
A three strike policy is being introduced for users that break the rules, this comprises of:

    Strike 1: You will get up to 3 warnings on your account.
    Strike 2: You will receive a Temporary Ban (2 weeks or 1 Month duration depending on severity of incident)
    Strike 3: You will receive a 3 Month Ban or a permanent ban depending on how serious the situation.


    Try and post threads in the right boards.
    Try to stay on the topic of the thread.
    Try not to use "Text Text" (i.e. single letter words (u,y, etc) lol, rofl, etc.) whilst writing, and don't write sentences in uppercase text.
    Give a new thread a descriptive title, that is about the subject of the thread.
    Use a decent amount of punctuation in your posts!!!

Please post screen shots in JPG, JPEG or BMP format. Screenshots in the screenshots forum may be up to 1024 x 768 pixels and must be under 250 kb. Screenshots posted in other boards must not exceed 800 x 600 pixels. If they exceed this please resize them or post the URL to the image.

The same rules apply for photograph, so in the photography forum photos may be up to 1024 x 768 pixels and must be under 250 kb. Photos posted elsewhere must not exceed 800 x 600 pixels. If they exceed this please resize them or post the URL to the image.

Signature Size Limits
Signature images can be no larger than 400 x 150 pixels.

Avatars are allowed, either by selecting them from our gallery, or by linking them from an external website. There is a maximum size of 120 x 90 pixels.


The British Trainz Forums will create session cookies on your computer when you log in. This enables the forums to keep track of your user account, and ensures you remain logged in when browsing the forums. No personal information of any kind is stored on your computer, other than your user ID and an encrypted session identifier. If you do not wish cookies to be stored on your computer by this site, your web browser will offer a mechanism to disable them. You may, however, find that your browsing experience is severely degraded by this. While in theory our forum software will work without cookies, external links to forum pages and even internal links within users' posts may result in the forums losing track of your session, and logging you out. We do recommend that you keep cookies enables when browsing the forums for the best experience.


These are still being written so can change at any time.
Temporary rules may also apply during special times. Please keep an eye in the Announcements section to keep up to date with rule changes and omissions.

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