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 Trainz 12 to Trainz 19 
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 Post subject: Trainz 12 to Trainz 19
PostPosted: Thu Oct 29, 2020 12:29 pm 
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Hiya folks,

Quick question, does Trainz19 Content Manager operate anything like Trainz 12 CM? I am looking to finally upgrade but I disliked the TANE content manger as it was faceless and rather cumbersome to operate, plus I felt as if you could more easily edit things?

Also are you able to transfer content from one platform to the other, as a few routes I have been working on I would love to bring across to Trainz19

Basically, is Trainz19 it worth it?

 Post subject: Re: Trainz 12 to Trainz 19
PostPosted: Thu Oct 29, 2020 2:00 pm 
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The TRS19 Content Manager is identical to the one in T:ANE.

As for transferring content, absolutely. There are multiple ways to go about this.

The easiest would be to select all your content in TS12, export it as a CDP and import that into TRS19 using "Import Content Files", and then telling it to download any missing dependencies from the DLS. CDP files do have a size limit though (about 500MB according to the wiki, but in practice it depends on your Trainz version and computer specs. I've accidentally produced a 1.1GB CDP before, and it imported fine, but that could well have just meant that I got lucky, sos tick to <500MB), so if you have a lot of content, you might have to break it down into smaller batches, or TS12 will either crash/hang while exporting, or produce a corrupt CDP file.

Second option - select all your content in TS12, and open it for editing (Ctrl+E by default, or right click > Edit > Open for Edit), then go into TRS19 CM and go to File > Import Content Folder, and point it at your TS12's Editing folder (the folder TS12 keeps stuff that's open for editing. Usually Program Files\N3V Games\TS12\Userdata\Editing).

The final option would be to use the "Import Content Folder" option in TRS19, and point it at your TS12 installation folder. This isn't reccommended though, as it can break some stuff (textures appear as green and white squares) if you import the TS12 version instead of using the built-in version, or downloading the TRS19 version from the DLS. I suppose you could try only importing the "Original" folder and not the "Local" folder (Local contains items downloaded from the DLS. Original contains anything installed by CDP, or items created/modified by you), but I've not tried it

James M, creator of the

 Post subject: Re: Trainz 12 to Trainz 19
PostPosted: Thu Oct 29, 2020 7:57 pm 
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To add do not attempt to import payware or builtins and N3V payware Any DLC you have can be downloaded the TS12 versions are not compatible or locked against copying and most TS12 builtins can now be downloaded.

When importing it's a pretty safe bet that anything that is open for edit on completion is already installed so you need to revert them to original to restore the TRS19 copy.

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